Thursday, March 20, 2008

Camping Season's On Its Way

I found a widget to use, it's bigger than I expected but that's okay - it's about camping! I love tents. When I was little, I always tried to get my parents to buy one of the little model tents at Sears. Do you know the ones I mean, about the size for a Barbie doll? I didn't play with Barbies but I sure wanted one of those tents.

My oldest, big A, loves to hike and camp, roughing it in the mountains. There are mountains everywhere we look, still snow covered but I want to hike! Most of my favorite childhood memories are of hiking, climbing over boulders, rafting, things like that. The last three of my boys didn't get to do much of that because K was never healthy and is allergic to pretty much everything. C openly proclaims his preference for all things comfortable so the family was pretty much out of the habit by the time D came along. D loved being outside, playing wild, loud and rough most of his life, running around in the woods, climbing way too high in trees, being just what a healthy kid should be.
Now he's more interested in electronics, programming, black holes and quasars, and robotics. Being reminded of camping was a thrill for me today! If I can persuade big A to do it, we can take D, little A, and little D for at least a mini-hike, cook a simple lunch over a fire, climb a rock and a tree or two, then come back. No big ordeal for D who can't possibly be in good shape anymore, and the babies are only 2 and 4 so we can't expect too much.

Wow. It's been quite a while. Last we did was travel in the RV, I loved it but there's just something about camping in a tent that I like.