Thursday, March 20, 2008

Watch Out! Kid with a Camera!

We found a GREAT show on TV last night! D loves to watch Mythbusters and SmashLab. While he was checking the guide last night to see if either had new episodes, he found Time Warp. It is all about exactly what he loves to do. He must have lots of company in this interest if there's a show about it. This show had a couple of guys taking short videos of things happening and then playing it all back in super slow motion.

They showed a boxer and his trainer, the trainer agreed to let his boxer hit him in the face! They recorded it - what a sight! The guy's whole face was wobbling and drooping and deforming, his eyes were rolling (he kept them OPEN!), it was horrible. But D absolutely loved it and has spent the day wanting to take pictures of ME. Hmmmph. We did both crack up at slo-mo pics of me talking. I spoke normally once, then animatedly and exaggeratedly next. He thought he was going to save these videos but I let him know that wouldn't be happening.