Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Any Reason for Diagramming Sentences?

Years ago in school, I was shown how to do this. I loved it but couldn't think of any legitimate reason to know how. Now that I'm older and looking around the world, I constantly see misspelled words, incorrect grammar, incomplete, and at times, incoherent sentences. On someone's blog or in an IM, even on websites, it's not often that big of a deal, but to see a lack of basic literacy on bulletin boards, in advertising brochures and pamphlets, and especially on websites for selling school curriculum, it's practically inexcusable. An occasional mistake, typo, whatever is not a problem but it's gone way beyond that.

I'm showing my son how this works, he's not that impressed but he's getting it right. He is learning the parts of speech he missed in school and realizing why some things are the way they are that he didn't understand before. We may not do this intensively but I am seeing the value in it now. He'll appreciate it when I remind him of this one thing: as long as we do this, he's not having to write summaries and research papers!