Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Didn't Know It Was That Bad

Looking over the past few posts, I see that I've been getting all excited over history ideas, then change to another one, then another! And he still hates it. Time to change the focus, it's just that the rest of the subjects are so easy, he loves science and I can find plenty for him to do when he runs out of ideas of his own. All I have to do is make sure we keep track of what he studies and the experiments he does. My dad just sent a course on quantum physics, I can't wait to get in to that! He thinks it will be over D's head, but my oldest and I will probably love it. And then D will still be able to learn something from the course; it may be college level but he's so far ahead at times in understanding scientific subjects and concepts, he may know more than I think. Besides which, he's young enough that these ideas won't seem absurd and difficult to him, it's just what is. He doesn't have a whole lifetime perspective to overcome. Hmmm, and my oldest is 25, he may not be too behind with it either since it's been his hobby. That leaves poor OLD me to be confused! Maybe I'll hide the course, go through it all myself alone, and only then go through it with the boys. Forewarned is forearmed!