Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Environmental Issues I've Ignored

Nurture Nature For Our Future is a blog I was reading; it really reminded me that I need to make sure my boy is aware of the issues concerning the environment. He has participated in such things as Arbor Day Celebrations where children at schools plant trees, but that may be all! Science websites he reads aren't mentioning this very often, his interests lie in the world of physics and electromagnetism. The environmental issues are important though and they are intertwined in every aspect of science and daily life. Whether hysteria or truth, he needs to be aware that he should research at least a bit and make decisions. I'm really glad I found this person's blog, it reminded me of my obligation to ensure my son learns to be a citizen of the human race as well as just living his own personal life for himself.

I just checked and the blog is, I think what I called it is just the title of that particular post.