Saturday, May 9, 2009

Need A Real Wristwatch, Not A Clock On A Phone

The babies are with their mother right now and with my free time I want to go spend money! First I planned to go to Subway but my teeth aren't really up to food right now. I want to buy toys and gadgets but have no real reason to. The boys want me to buy groceries but we need to not be lazy and cook real food, not always go look for the throw-it-in-the-oven or microwave kind! WE HAVE FOOD. Still, I want Subway and chocolate.
D needs a new watch, he doesn't carry a cell phone and he makes lots of use out of gadget watches. He wants a stopwatch on it, clock, alarm, anything else that comes on one and is fun to play with! Guess that's what we'll be doing next, the band on his is partly broken and I can't imagine how undressed he'll feel without a watch if he loses it. Not to mention the feeling of the losing itself. He times everything, his experiments require timing, he uses it all day. I need a job so spending money on things we use isn't a big question all the time. We mostly have what we need so we're not suffering and this isn't a complaint. It's hard to decide to be a stay-at-home Grandma when I thought all that was over. But I can't imagine putting babies in day care all day if we don't have to. They've been moved from caretaker to caretaker way too often. I have to balance what my D needs and what the littles need. Having the babies here has been good for D because they usually put him in a good mood with their sweet little faces and amusing ways.

Wow, that was way off the subject! I was posting about spending money on a watch and wanted to add something about considering a statistics course for D - he's as interested in numbers as his brother was and his brother LOVED his statistics class. There's time though, school is almost over for the year.