Sunday, April 19, 2009

Use Those Milk Caps!

We get our milk delivered from Rosehill Dairy and I hate throwing away the caps; they look so useful. These are larger than lids on our (formerly) usual gallon jug lids. These are a little over 2" in diameter, hard red plastic. That's a lot of plastic to waste for one.

A while ago, I downloaded Phonics Bingo by Brandenburg Studies from CurrClick and it's given me the perfect use for all those milk caps. The game has real-life photos set up as a bingo game card; I printed them out on photo paper and will most likely go ahead and laminate them. I don't know that that's necessary with photo paper but I plan to get a lot of use out of these cards. Anyway, this game also comes with game cards with capital letters. I printed those on regular paper, cut them out in circles that fit into the milk caps and now have the perfect game pieces for bingo!

The littles weren't interested before in games with paper pieces, these give them something to grab hold of. It also has the added benefit of keeping baby D from destroying them so easily. The funny part is that he's the one who knows all the letters and their sounds so it has to be suitable for him to play as well. Little A isn't very interested, she knows a few letters reliably, some occasionally, some not at all.
I've decided, just now, how to increase her interest in playing this game. Just as was suggested in the instructions for the game, I'll have the neighborhood kids join in. Little A is very sociable, any alone time is waiting time for her - waiting for it to be over. She has managed to get 5 or 6 neighborhood boys as well as the girls to play "dollies" with her! These boys, who range in age from 5 to 11 or so (I think one's 12 but he's mostly just hanging around talking to the kids while they play) actually wrap up dolls, play house, etc., in the front yard with little A for hours at a time! Sometimes the play is interspersed with shootouts when bad guys come and try to cause trouble. :-)
Anyway, I'm pretty sure most of the kids will be happy to play bingo a few times with us. The milk cap idea will definitely be helpful keeping the pieces in good shape.