Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fun Experiment Idea Site

Here's a fun site with science experiments to try: Exploratium Science "Snacks". D has done a couple of these, now he wants an aquarium for one of the experiments. Collecting items for experiments may seem to be a pain at times but he'll use things for other projects and experiments later anyway. The more stuff he has, the more ideas he comes up with. I like science sites like this because it gives me ideas on items that aren't just so ordinary and common necessarily. There are many experiments to be done with common household objects (and that's often considered a plus for the publisher of an experiment book or site) but he wants to expand! He still is relegated to what can be easily obtained online and used in a residential area, it'll be great when he's old enough to participate in true research labs.

This makes me think of a cartoon (I want to post it but can't find it, still looking!) in Foxtrot by Bill Amend. It shows Peter zipping around in some sort of control room of a spaceship, doing things at the speed of light, etc; then he comes out of his daydream in class with a toy car, marbles, and a wooden ramp - he has to figure out the equations for acceleration or something. His comment? Somehow I expected more out of a physics class...