Friday, January 30, 2009

Walking Up To Your Door

This looks helpful - concrete cleaner, this is full of information on cleaning your sidewalk or concrete driveway. Our old house had a long, wide, concrete driveway and the garage floor was concrete as well. With lots of neighborhood children and a few of my own, having paintball fights, spilling treats, falling off bikes and skateboards and leaving blood on the cement as well as the usual stains from a car, it became a scrapbook of our lives. As interesting as that may be (kids actually DO point to stains and say, that's where I fell off the skateboard, I was bleeding everywhere, that's MY blood right there!), I really prefer to remove those things!
This site gives quick solutions to cleaning different types of stains and sells products for the ones that aren't so quick and easy. I live in a rental townhouse right now but with the 9-foot high snow mountain in my front yard, kids are always here and spilling things all over the sidewalk that goes right to my door. Plus, if we can keep the baby tinies, we need a larger place and that will include even more of the same. Glad to know I won't have to look at the same annoying stain on the way into my house every day, it kind of messes up that first impression!