Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow, BARE FEET, and Boots

Last night I dreamed all the snow had turned to ice and that ice came up about four inches on the car tires; not a whole lot of moving was happening. This, after D and his friend ran around outside in the snow and cold barefooted and in T-shirts! When I yelled at them (I was outside), they ran in the back door, donned jackets and shoes, then hustled out the front before I got in. Smart move you little dimwits.

The only problem with being angry at D for not wearing boots is that I often have his on! He can wear shoes of course, I'm not sure he likes his boots that much. For me, his boots are easy, they're HUGE and I just slip my feet in and can go out to the car or whatever. I love boots, my main shoes are hiking boots. I fell in love with hiking boots when I was little and got my first pair to go mountain climbing with my family. I also have a pair of cowboy boots that are new but they got lost when we moved! :-(

I've tried so many times to get D to like hiking boots but he just doesn't. Finding a seller that specializes in American-made Boots makes me want to try again. Most of these boots are work boots, something worth spending money on if you work at the kind of job where boots are important, I've had a couple of temp jobs like that. Aching feet don't help your work day any! This site even carries perfect boots for the guy on TV that does the show Dirty Jobs, very funny looking boots but made especially for wet, muddy, uneven, or rough terrain. I personally would wear any of the boots on this page - Wolverine Women's Boots.

D needs new shoes even if they're not boots, he is seriously growing fast! For a while, he kept dropping things while he tried to put them in the refrigerator because his arms were suddenly longer and his hands are bigger than he's used to. He got really furious until I had him measure his arms again and he realized how much longer they are!