Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Shocker For Little A

Little A was using my computer to play dressup dolls and got to a point where she needed to know what she could do next.
"Daddy, should I click on this button?" (Daddy's in the kitchen, starts heading in to help her.)
Daddy: "Well, what does it say?" (We do that, we know she doesn't know how to read yet, it just points out how useful reading is.)
"I don't know how to read, I'm not five yet!"
Something about the way she said it alerted me.
Grandma: "Little A, did you know you won't suddenly know how to read when you have your birthday? You still have to LEARN how to read, did you know that?"
Another little baby hope dashed, I felt so mean! The birthday she's been waiting for with such high hopes, now less than two weeks away, and she discovers THIS? Daddy promised he will still help her learn letters and sounds so she can read.
The look on her face was really funny, such total shock, jaw dropped, eyes HUGE!

(Maybe God looks at us like that too, cracking up when we get that kind of look but at the same time, sad that we are so disappointed when we discover we were wrong.)