Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Way To Connect - I Like This

I went to the consumer network site of Acobay before but didn't think I'd be interested because I just don't have that much "stuff". This time though, I started browsing and wanted to comment several times. I found reviews of a toy that's the same toy I gave my grandson who lives far away from me; it was wonderful to read posts where people said their little ones LOVED the toy (the Laugh and Learn puppy). There is a really awesome toy for babies that I've never seen, it's a play table/activity table but this one comes with an attached seat that allows the baby to circle the table playing, it's very cool. The next grandbaby gets one! (You can see it here, I decided I had to link it: Around We Go Activity Station)
Then I decided to check out books. I keep getting 1984 and Brave New World mixed up so I checked reviews on them both. I have the book Brave New World but keep telling D about 1984, now I'll get it right.
Then it occurred to me that it might be pretty cool after all to interact with people according to what they owned and were interested in, that's the point of Acobay. D always wants to talk about how incredible his camera is, I know he would like to find someone with the same camera, tell what he can do and find out what others have discovered. (He's just started a discussion with his brother about his camera as I'm writing this!).
So, contrary to my first impression, this site may be fun and interesting even for 'non-stuff' people like me. It can help promote your blog too, if you have one you want to do that with, people can click on your link because they like the same things you do. The only reason I didn't sign up yet is because I had to post this first, I took too long looking around and reading people's posts and reviews!