Thursday, January 22, 2009

?? About the HippoCampus Site

Has anyone else tried the HippoCampus site?

I know I read about it on a blog from entrecard but I don't know if someone just found it and liked the looks of it or if they had actually used it for themselves or their children.

D can benefit from the Physics course even though he's just done intro physics because the course he did didn't even include the symbols. Most classes I've found online just jump right in using all these symbols without ever explaining them. He's only on Algebra I so that's obviously why, still you'd think they would MENTION what they are before just throwing them into an equation! When I discovered this site does, I was quite happy about it. D can't jump in and just play around in the sub-topics he's most interested in, but doing a few at the beginning will give him what his conceptual course didn't.