Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Studying The Plan of YHWH

For Bible, D has been working through a study called The Godly Man. I've been trying to think of what he will do next - a study, read a regular bible and summarize as he goes, make a lapbook as he reads, character studies (characteristics like patience, self-control, etc., not characters). Finally I remembered what I had wanted to do! I can hardly believe I forgot. We're going to study the Holy Days and their meanings. The whole plan laid out by the Father as demonstrated physically in the festivals that He called His Own. Finally instead of skipping all holidays, something I had never intended to do, we will know how to celebrate the real ones! He loves unleavened bread so it won't be a hardship for that one. Even after all my study of these, I couldn't explain the whole plan; He laid it all out, He gave physical representations of "the plan", then sent Yeshua to live it out and demonstrate the deeper complete fulfillment, and I still don't get it? Pathetic. Guess this is something we'll study together!