Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cold, Mountains, and The Great Outdoors

Yesterday I bullied big A into getting the littles outside. It's so easy to just let them play in the house but they need fresh air and exercise! I went out too, then came back in and dragged D out with us. We only went to the playground but there's plenty of room to run for little people. D played the monster so they all got exercise, then D also tried doing pull-ups and surprised himself by how much stronger he is than before.
Then this morning, big A took the babies to the playground down the street (close but you have to drive), this playground isn't all that big but it has a picnic area with grills and horses behind the fence of the neighboring property. We may be different than most people, but outside is where we like to be when it gets colder!
At Sierra Adventure Gear, the home page photo is similar to what I see out of my windows, I love it so much! Exploring the site makes me want to GET OUTSIDE! I even use a sleeping bag for my regular bedding, the kids have a play tent, big A wants to cook out on a grill somewhere besides the backyard. Sierra Adventure has almost everything on major sale it looks like. D will be pleased to know that even Luminox watches are part of camping gear, he uses his watch constantly. He wants one with as many features and gadgets as possible, he times everything, EVERYTHING.
For D, a watch is one of the things he can have an expensive one of (when I can afford it), that and science experiment materials; for big A it's always been camping gear; very well-made shoes, and programming books and CDs for C; books and comfortable blankets for K; and social events for J.

If the economy doesn't improve, many of us may be out of jobs and homes and needing to live out in the wild so we'd better be prepared! LOL!