Thursday, November 20, 2008

Low Arousal Types and Turbo Charging

A few days ago, D mentioned a conversation we had had long ago with my parents about people with "low arousal" - people who need very high levels of excitement or danger to feel the interest that normally is felt just in daily life. Though many people like that end up in jail, I think many may also be heroes like firefighters or police officers, soldiers, etc. This was a very important point, I don't know if it's true but it sure seems reasonable and likely; it was important because D said he'll probably end up in jail because he's like that! I didn't even know he remembered that conversation!

Now we're thinking of high excitement activities that are NOT BAD. Personally I think much of it is normal guy stuff - he likes explosions, intense motion (like those amusement park rides that drop you), speed... I saw this opportunity to blog about turbo-charging your ride but ignored it at first. Then it got me thinking, we live near the salt flats, the perfect place for speed. When he's ready to drive he can go here: and find what he can get for his car to rev it up. He likes engines and maybe a VW with a Volkswagen turbocharger could be his first car; it doesn't have to be a VW though, the site covers lots of cars. I also liked the site because it has options for a/c for my car, even Utah is getting too hot in the summer now. Plus turbo- or supercharging the engine sounds like it's more efficient, I always thought it meant super speed and would use much more gas. Apparently not - it's super and turbo CHARGED which means the system is more efficiently powerful. Maybe I won't wait for him to get a car, I need to do this on mine!

Anyway, back to the point, if D can find a legitimate outlet for this 'need', we'd both feel a lot better. This is perfectly acceptable to me, it gives him something to look forward to and an exciting goal to work toward. The site has a Learning Center page so he knows what it's all about. Notice how I didn't mention that that's the page that helped ME know what it's all about?