Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dirt Bikes, Motorcycles, and other such things

Okay, these are definitely not for dirt bikes, these are accessories for real motorcycles! If D does ever get a motorcycle, I'll feel a lot better about him finding just the right chrome, tires, saddlebags, sissy bars (what's sissy about not falling off the back of a motorcycle?!), other things like that for it as opposed what he's more likely to look for - parts to make it go faster! I think this site has those too though, performance parts? What else would that mean but more efficient and faster? Dangerous paragraph there, it includes the words "increased flow and velocity", "speed", and "performance". Maybe I should just be grateful that he's upstairs playing a computer game instead of seeing that.

He pulled out his steam engine last Tuesday, that got him tinkering with other motors he has, THAT got him thinking about motorcycles and dirt bikes again... there are several tracks around here for dirt bikes, and there's still the Bonneville Salt Flats, I THINK we can ride there or race in something. I personally will not be riding a motorcycle for him to be a passenger so I'd need to find someone I trust - nope, don't know anyone. Maybe he can start building one now so that he can dream about it while working on it and I won't have to worry for a while. I'll be sure to show him how to customize his ride and maybe that will buy some more time.

No, he needs something exciting now. I remember something from when he and I drove out here from the east coast. We stopped at a hotel one night and beside us pulled up two guys on some very fine bikes. What I liked was they had storage all over them (the bikes, not the guys). They showed us the place under the seat for storage, saddlebags that were large enough to work as suitcases but were balanced and looked really nice, bags on the back bar held things they wanted to get to easily. It was funny watching them "unpack" to take things in for the night, those bikes held way more than I ever thought they could have! The main bags had locks on them so the guys didn't have to unpack everything; others just unhooked and went in with them. They were traveling from the east coast too, we 'met' in Arkansas or Oklahoma so they had been on the road quite a while like we had.

That was just a rambling motorcycle memory - it impressed me that they could manage a cross country trip on bikes like that. Of course, they ARE guys, they need less, right? Besides, I was MOVING, changing homes, they weren't. Big difference. My defense rests.

By the way, YES dirt bikes and motorcycles can be rented. I just found a place - when I have money...