Monday, September 22, 2008

Is This Fair?

I'm a little bit afraid of this - I have an idea for a work-from-home business for which I'll need a website. There are a couple of options that DON'T require one but it would probably be the best. The part that worries me is if I bring D back home for school, is it right/fair/good or just lazy to have him learn to design websites as part of school - so that I don't have to.
Really, it's not entirely that I don't want to learn, I need to keep using my brain or I'll lose it. But this would make him part of the business, it will be a valuable skill and I have the feeling that he can learn it much more quickly than I can! He already has taught himself some programming so it shouldn't be too much of a stretch unless they have nothing to do with each other. I have a tendency to think most computer related activities are alike but I know that's just my age showing.
Another thing is that D could go through the business setup course with me, it's quite basic and we have someone to help who has done much of this before with her own business. (She's a lot younger than I am so if I discount her mommy-mush-brain, she should be quicker with the new info too.) I'm starting to feel real empathy for old people, does everyone start feeling so out-of-date and useless? Those older people who keep busy mentally and involved in life stay sharp and useful much longer but it's so hard to remember that it may be worth it! I'm not old enough to excuse myself into a support position for all the younger people around me, it's pure laziness. Maybe it's a good thing that D is never quite secure without specific instructions and expectations every step of the way. It forces me to stay in the game even while trying to figure out how to help him get over that. I must have always displayed an overly laid back attitude to cause him and his next older brother to be like that, always just a bit worried. Pointing out the God has always taken care of us when we needed it doesn't help. I've pointed out that they have food, a home, clothes, sometimes luxuries just because they want hasn't helped. Guess I can't get out of work by claiming advanced old age quite yet. I still have too much to do.