Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This Is So Frustrating!

Trying to put D in school is way more hassle than it should be! I called the district a few days ago to find out what school it should be, they didn't know. I called back today and found someone who does know, she gave me the name of the school. A couple of problems are:

First: I had to press one for English! It should have given the option for Spanish but English should be default.
Second: She asked what grade, I said that's debatable, we got here too late in the year to put him in school so I homeschooled him - we did both 7th and 8th grade. She replied, "So he'll be going into 7th or 8th grade?" Me - ummm...NO. 8th or 9th.
Third: She told me that 8th and 9th were both in the middle school so that's the right school either way. I just looked up the school online and see that it's 6th-8th.
Fourth: I asked, where is this school anyway, do you know? Or have a phone number? I can't find it listed anywhere. Too late, she had hung up!
Fifth: The parents reviews online for the school are wonderful but the test score rating is 3! Three out of TEN!

So this pretty well knocks this school out of the running, wouldn't you say? Except that the other option is a charter school with no bus service, he has to ride the city bus; so far I don't see that the bus goes very close to the school. I have to wait until Friday to find out if D will be admitted into 9th grade so he can go to this school and which bus it will be - is there a special run that starts for the school year? Then I have the problem of paying $240 for the basic school fees, plus a whole new wardrobe because there's a dress code, plus lunches. I don't have a job. I'm waiting to find out about the bus so I can work around that. Will I need to have a job that I can leave and pick him up every day? And every other Wednesday when he gets out early? Or will the bus service work out? This is a special science oriented school, it's where I'd like him to go but I'm worried this school doesn't have the funds to offer what they seem to promise. It's a public school so I don't see why that would be the case, why would they have less than any other? There was apparently some financial scandal the year they first opened.
Maybe I should homeschool him again and just get my lazy useless butt in gear and make sure he has the opportunities he needs to be around other people more often. It's so easy to let that slide when neither of us are very social. For his sake, he has to be out and about more; he's so scared to start new things but is usually glad afterward that I made him do so. Glad enough that he has specifically thanked me and told me to please remember to ignore him when he tries to refuse to get involved in something.