Monday, July 28, 2008

Preparing For The World Of Work

I've spent the past few weeks considering the role education plays in a financially successful life. My dream job would be proofreading for a living. D would be horrified at the prospect - getting paid is not enough incentive for such a trauma! I need to discuss with him, not the specific job, but the fact that even though this is what I would love to do, I'm not at all prepared to do it. It sounds simple, just apply to a company that publishes written material, right? It's not quite that easy, I've spent too much time letting all the requirements change around me and haven't kept up. Not at all! To do this job now requires computer savvy, education, and knowledge that I don't have. He needs to see the importance of setting goals and working toward them. Unfortunately he only sees the results of NOT doing so from me! Maybe he can learn from my mistakes.

He needs to begin learning the basics of making a living. He'll need to be comfortable competing online, uploading videos and resumes, researching opportunities, and be sure he's staying abreast of the ever-changing requirements of whatever field he may be interested in.