Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Little Ones Are Funny!

Conversation between Big A (my oldest son) and Little A (his 4-yr-old baby girl):

Big A - All right, sweetheart, let me get ready and we can go.
Little A (looking up for a moment from her dolls) - You ARE ready, Daddy.
Big A - Not like this, I want to wear something nice.
Little A - Oh.
She thinks a moment about looking "nice" and suggests - Wear a dress.
Big A - You want me to wear a dress?!
Little A looks up in surprise at his 'arguing' about it, then starts giggling.
Big A - What would you do when everyone laughs at your daddy wearing a dress?
Little A - (falls over on floor, giggling becomes hysterical)
Big A - Oh, you'd just laugh right along with them! (Smiles) How about if I just find a nice shirt...