Thursday, July 17, 2008

D's Comment on Physics - LOL!

Yesterday D and I were watching the physics DVDs from The Teaching Company. The first one was left at a bit of a cliffhanger so he wanted to continue. By the middle of the second lecture, he paused it to say:

Well, that just eradicated and totally destroyed MY whole idea of reality!

LOL! I know just what he means, the lecturer was just starting on the ideas of Time Dilation after discussing frames of reference. And now D plans to amend every statement of his own (and maybe anyone else's) with "relative to what?" He also decided the professor should quit saying "Frame of Reference" so often and just call them "FoRs".

He's started designing some simple experiments, carried out one, and is chomping at the bit for my dad the physicist to get here! D constantly is frustrated that we don't really have access to any means to carry out many of the experiments he wants to try. Sorry, baby, Mom just doesn't have a high tech physics lab tucked away in the closet somewhere!