Saturday, June 14, 2008

Need A New Series

D has finished the Red Rock mystery series - the bad guy got away at the end and now D is quite upset. He didn't want the series to be over, these are the only books he's ever read deliberately without being made to read them. He went from taking three months to read one to reading the last one in three days! Now what?

I've been having him read these American Adventure books for reading and history combined but he hates them. I'm hoping it's because the reading level is below him and he's beyond them now. He wants a mystery to figure out. My oldest is desperate to get D reading The Wheel of Time series, maybe I will look into it. I'm not real thrilled with the whole fantasy idea but it may be okay. I already let two of the boys read this series, how can I suddenly decide it's not fit for the last?

Whatever happens, I don't want to break his almost-formed habit of reading. Now that he can read through a book without getting confused every couple of pages about who said what, and why things played out like they did, I have to make sure he keeps going.