Friday, June 20, 2008


D and I just got back from checking out the neighborhood with an eye to finding places to bike to. There's a park close by that we can take the littles to but that would be in the car. D and I can bike there for the exercise and the fun of a bike ride.
What I was hoping for is a small store, fast food place, gas station, some such thing that he can bike to on his own just for an outing. There are several places all clumped in one area that's just the slightest bit out of reach for him right now. He's old enough to go there, I think it's a safe enough route for the most part but he's not been getting enough exercise to be in proper shape yet! That's what we're working on - with a McDonald's at the end, I bet he'll be happy to put forth the effort. If he works up to it, he can go by himself without having to beg big A or me for a ride. He'll still have to beg for money though! I'm thinking extra chores... :-)