Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Will I Have Android Grandchildren?!

Yesterday while D was doing his school, I got on here and read the latest on Brain Stimulant. It turned out to be a movie called Human Version 2.0 and it was incredible. I started watching and D took less than two minutes to get sucked in with me.

Remember all those old science fiction books and videos like I, Robot and Artificial Intelligence? And things Michael Crichton writes about technology? Apparently it's here. At least, we're right on the edge of it. As soon as I finished this movie at the site I called my dad to ask if he'd watch it if I sent him a link. He's already seen all this science though and didn't see the point in my sending him another (I was very disappointed); he's a scientist and keeps up with it all. I wanted to discuss it with someone! D and I talked about it of course, then his brother came down and asked me to send it to his computer. One of my other boys is at university now studying artificial intelligence, that's one of his passions. I don't suppose it will shock them like it does me!

I read a novel once where people were able to fulfill their deepest dreams (old premise, isn't it?), I think it was a Dean Koontz novel; a couple of young boys were found hooked into their computers by biological outgrowths from their brain, they had become one entity. It used to be horror, now it's REAL.