Thursday, April 10, 2008

Have Microscope, Will Slice

We bought a microscope yesterday. It fits with his studies right now, and will likely interest him like his telescope - off and on. Luckily, he persuaded me that he didn't want to wait to get a "real" microscope after all, he begged for this toy one right now, pleeeeaassse Mom! I was worried that it wouldn't work but it's fine and only $15. Now he's hoping for an electron microscope!

Nothing was safe last night from being skinned down and inspected up close, he's having a great time with it. When he realized later on that he had cut himself somehow, was heading to wipe off the blood, he just stopped and got big-eyed. Blood! So he went to look at that too. I just now asked him if he would prefer prepared slides or to make his own. He wants to make his own. Time for me to look up some ideas on what to do with a microscope. After he sees what things look like magnified 300x, then what? It's not like you can see identifiable parts - organelles, etc., but maybe you can. Time to find out!