Thursday, March 27, 2008

Labelmakers for Language Learning

On Crayon Writer, Theda posted an ad about a label maker. Does anyone remember the ones from long ago? The ones where you turn the dial to the letter you want and click? Those were a lot of fun, we labeled everything!

I'm thinking of trying one for learning a foreign language or for teaching the littles to read. My dad had to learn German for work when I was 8; I learned with him because we labeled everything in the house (on taped pieces of paper) with the German words. When my boys were little, I labeled household furniture and other things with the name of it so they could see it spelled out. Of course, it's always good to label shelves and drawers for kids so they know where things are to be put away.

My mother has a garage full of boxes carefully labeled. She can send someone out there to get something for her and it can actually be found!

If these label makers are fun to use, D would quit balking at learning another language I bet. It's worth looking into.