Saturday, January 26, 2008

Science Clubs?

Where are all the great science clubs for teens? Mad Science was a great experience for my son in elementary school but he's a bit old for it now. This poor kid is used to spending lots of time with his physicist grandpa, but now we've moved more than halfway across the states. All of the science kits are for younger kids; websites are for experiments he's done many times already. I need HELP.

So far, whenever i've needed something like this for my kids, it's come down to me needing to start a club, group, whatever, myself. I've never done it and they've just done without. I keep hearing rumors of great places to go but they never pan out. There is a physics camp in this area for kids my son's age, one of his brothers went to it when he was younger. BUT it was so good that the older taught the younger everything he learned there, we bought all the supplies and experiments - he's already done it. It's only available in summer, perhaps we'll try it anyway when the time comes.

For now, i'm off to search the internet again - I heard a rumour...