Saturday, January 26, 2008

Oscillators and Animated Chess

D has decided he wants to make something that oscillates. I asked why since he's already done that with K'nex, what would he learn, what would the fun be? He told me, "well, i don't mean with a MOTOR this time. I want to use electromagnets and switches and have the current go around and turn this side on then that side." Oh.

He also decided he wants to make a maze game and a game like Lolo (old Nintendo game, we still pull it out and play it, we did tonight, i really enjoy that game.) I'm considering suggesting he make a chess game but animated so the pieces really attack when they move. I'm sure this game exists somewhere but I haven't seen it, or if i have, i don't remember. D's the only one of the boys who refused to learn chess. If he can have the knights shooting flaming balls out of catapults, seige towers, etc., he'd probably love to make that game. He'll learn chess, practice programming, use his logic, creativity, and persistence.