Thursday, January 31, 2008

History for My History Hater!

HomeschoolEstore is wonderful! I just found something i want for D. He likes to listen to audio books and these should be great. There's a guy named G.A. Henty who wrote books for boys, adventurous history books that sound very interesting, hopefully that can grab D's attention. And now at the homeschool website (HomeschoolEstore), they have available these books on audio read by Jim Hodges. There's a free sample download of the first chapter and I know as soon as I have any money, I'm getting a few. I was going to say one but I don't think I'll be able to stop there.

Will it be too rude to let him listen to the first chapter when I know I have no $$ to buy them yet? Yes, that would be, i think he'll like them a lot. To get involved in a story and not be able to hear the rest - that's mean.

I've been whining to my friends about the dearth of good books for boys his age that don't involve sorcery and juvenile crime - here's my answer I do believe! Not only good stories, but moral, and real history. To find them as audiobooks is the extra bonus that makes me determined to get them. D likes to hear the story read as he reads along so it's exactly perfect for him.

I really like this site, maybe it's good that i don't have any money right now!