Friday, August 7, 2009

Babies, Birds, and Making a Book

Baby D likes birds so we're going to make a bird book. I've looked for ones to buy, stories, etc. but I think the best will be to have him take photos of birds that we see with our own eyes in the yard and places we go, then make a scrapbook ourselves. I downloaded a polar bear book and a tiger book from for the littles before and they both (little A and baby D) really enjoyed the pictures, learning the facts, and making their craft bear and tiger. A couple of months ago I found a cheap little bird and nest with eggs from the Family Dollar store that he liked. We play bird games where I'm the mommy and he is a baby cracking out of its egg, then learning to fly. Then we watch out for the big bad hawks that try to come after him. He loves these games.

When we find a bird and get its picture, we can look up what type it is and find out a bit about its habits. Maybe I can get D to try to play its song on the keyboard too. My only problem with the pictures is that both littles think I'm just being mean when I "won't" show them the picture before it's developed. They're growing up in the age of immediate digital cameras but I don't have one. D does but there's not even the slightest chance he'll let baby D use it and I understand completely. Maybe D can take the picture while baby D tries to whistle the bird's song and that way it will be more fun - if D and I can remember to photograph the bird and not the baby being cute and adorable trying to sing to it!