Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Comprehension - Growing Up Isn't Always Fun

A while ago I wrote about turbocharging and supercharging cars and the Bonneville Salt Flats. D turned on the TV last night and there was something about the Salt Flats and people going 200-250 mph, it was probably the Destroyed In Seconds show. Anyway, it reminded me of the souping up your car site; I went back to it and had D read the Learning Center page, the one I avoided for him before so he didn't get ideas about MY car! It was great how it all fit together after seeing the part of the TV show where people wiped out and broke bones. I don't think I would mind going ridiculously fast in a CAR with a cage and harness, but one woman went over 200 on a motorcycle! Stupid idea.
Anyway, it was also good because D read the first page and made a comment by putting together what he learned from it, then was very happy to see that was their next comment in the article. He read their inferences and made a conclusion and it was the very same conclusion they drew in the article. Often he reads and tries to draw conclusions only to realize he's imagined and thought nothing like what comes next. It's easy to remember that little tiny people will misunderstand and get wrong ideas, not so easy to remember that young teens don't have it all straight yet either. He may be bigger than me but there's still an awful lot he doesn't know. The fascinating part is being able to see his comprehension of the world grow. At this age, a social conscience is kicking in, it's sad to see my "little one" discover daily reasons to dislike how people behave though. He retreats more every day.