Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cornstarch Is FUN!

D had a GREAT time today playing with cornstarch! We've had it for so long but had never actually done any experimenting. I never had any experience with it before, he saw it long ago in fifth grade but had never touched it so we were quite surprised. We didn't make as much as they did on Mythbusters or Time Warp of course! Still, using just a half-full cereal bowl amount was fun. He was busy for more than an hour experimenting with it, then adding food coloring, looking at it under his microscope (the dry powder).
We had a rather disconcerting discussion about using it for cooking. The mystery of gravy is now revealed to me, but we weren't sure what this stuff does once it's in your body. D even said, "I don't even know where it would come out, would it be liquid or solid?" We didn't like thinking too deeply about that!