Sunday, September 14, 2008

Vocab Replacements for Vulgarities

There's a young man at my work, probably between 19 and 23, that doesn't seem to know any word other than F*^#. I'm considering giving him a specially made vocabulary book and telling him I notice he's having trouble with the English language...
He's Mexican, speaks Spanish but his English is flawless and unaccented, English may be his first language even for all I know. But do you think that would make the point?
The only reason I haven't yet done this is because I'm a female and don't think the same. He's a young man and intensity is very much a part of his thinking. Any "alternatives" I suggest would need to incorporate that concept, just a different non-offensive phrase isn't going to have the impact it needs. Besides that, I want him to actually change the way he talks - I don't want to have to hear this all day!