Friday, September 26, 2008

That's IT, No More Public School

Today is the day. I told D it's his last day at school. We've gone back and forth, but why is public school the default choice? It isn't. We had parent-teacher conferences last night, he's doing great, his teachers for the most part are reasonable but there are enough problems that I want him to be home for school.

For one, his algebra class is so out of control that he's not getting much out of it. One of the reasons I chose this school is for its emphasis on math and science. There isn't one. The teacher just went back to Pre-Algebra, he's trying to convince the school to let him have one class for students who are interested and willing to pay attention but so far it isn't allowed. The ability levels have to be mixed which means teaching to the lowest common denominator. That's a no right there.

My main problem, the one that made me say, "Yes, you can homeschool again," is the fact that two girls came over to the lockers right by his and started KISSING. That's it, he's out. I don't care how many people try to claim it's fine, it's not. I told him that I don't even want him dealing with seeing boy-girl groping going on in front of him all the time. He gave me examples of that happening a lot too.

THIS IS SCHOOL! Kids do this, yes, but for there to be no reaction from the teachers means it's not controlled at all. Not the environment for a young teenage boy. Whether he's intrigued or repulsed, fascinated or taken aback, I don't care. How is he supposed to keep his mind on schoolwork if that's what he's confronted with constantly? He's also seen some inappropriate behavior from boys but not so openly. It's difficult enough for a boy his age, this is not what I had in mind when I sent him to school. He's still pretending (to me) that he doesn't notice girls. His friends know otherwise and I do too but I haven't let him know. As long as he's still happy to 'play' with his friends and sneak sidelong glances at pretty girls and get red-faced when he's caught, that's fine by me. He just turned 14 last month, there's still time for all that when he's a little older.