Saturday, September 20, 2008

Same Decision Keeps Coming Back

D has been begging me to let him come home for school again, he reminds me that I told him he had to try it for a few weeks first to be sure then he could if he wanted to. There are reasons to bring him home and reasons not to, the same reasons that existed before he went in the first place. When I got sick of dealing with psychos at my job and quit, I decided he should quit too if it was really so horrible every day. He wavers on whether or not he REALLY wants to stop public school so I don't want to take him out if we're not positive it's the best. Well, Friday we discussed his day on the way home from school; I said, "So if I go in Monday and withdraw you from school, it will be a huge relief, right? I'll do it." His response? "Ummm, could you wait until I have way too much homework again? I just turned in a lot of stuff." He wanted to enjoy the satisfaction for a while first!

I completely understand and I'm also fairly certain that he would want to continue there if it wasn't for the overwhelming amounts of homework. I can hardly believe what some teachers believe constitutes an assignment for one night. Add that to the fact the D is slow and thorough in EVERYTHING, he really got into one assignment he was given but it used up all his time, he can NOT keep up with it all. I'm trying to figure out how to help him wisely pick and choose which homework to do and which can be safely skipped. I'm not sure that will work though, he's an obsessive and compulsive type, a real worrier - leaving something undone leaves him feeling too unsettled. I'm trying to keep a better watch and see for sure if he could really do all of it in a night without it taking his every waking moment.