Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mental Decline

Lately I've been getting concerned that my memory is shot!! As in barely functioning. I actually decided that's one of the reasons D needs to be at school; because my mental cognition is in a serious decline and he shouldn't be taught by someone who's becoming senile at an early (for senility) age.
Then I took this test at science junkies concerning temporal memory and face recognition. I've never been able to remember faces - I didn't think. But on this test I scored a perfect 100%! My friend makes all kinds of jokes and insults about my memory for faces, now I'll just point this test out to her and she can't say anything. But she only started that because I claimed incompetence, I don't think she has any experience to back up what she says to me. Does this mean I have to come up with another excuse?

I wanted to leave a comment at the site but I'm not a member, I just read there. The coincidence of knowing that I came on today to air my fears about my growing inability to think and my total inability to remember faces and then finding that test (and getting a perfect score!) makes me think I'd better just check what other reasons I have for thinking I can't think. There IS something going on, Friday night at work I tried to entertain myself by figuring out how much I was getting paid by the minute to do a particularly brainless took me over five minutes, maybe closer to ten!!! This is a simple division problem and I used rounded numbers! Adding occurrences like that to the fact that I've started searching for words - as in saying to D, "Don't forget know that...over there, what's that called? Oh yeah, your jacket," is frightening! At what age does testing for Alzheimer's start? I would attribute it mostly to the fact that I'm working graveyard shift but I believe it started before I started this job. I don't remember for sure! :-)
Just now my friend sent me an email about this memory site: