Saturday, September 6, 2008

I miss him

I'm missing homeschooling D; trying to replace his lessons with lessons for myself isn't going so well. There are sites I go to that I want to read through and study but I've already been through high school, I don't need those lessons again. When I admit I've forgotten a lot (it's been a very long time after all!) and it wouldn't hurt to relearn some of it, I also realize I only forgot it because I've never needed it at all ever. Then I feel guilty for sending D to school. The good part? He's making use of what he learns AND he said school is getting better every day. Good happens, bad happens, overall it comes out on the good side of the balance. I'm glad for him and think this is the right choice for him BUT I MISS HIM. They keep growing up even when you tell them they're not allowed to! :-)

If anyone wonders why I'm not studying college course sites, it wouldn't be the same thing! I found sites for D, things I think he'd be interested in and that I enjoy discussing with him. Some sites, books and courses are for everyone, not necessarily high school or college so it isn't as mentally lazy as it may sound.