Sunday, August 17, 2008

School Starts Tomorrow

D-Munchkin starts school tomorrow! Yes, I know, munchkin is totally inappropriate, he just turned 14 yesterday and he's starting 9th grade! I'm hoping this science oriented school will be interesting for him and conducive to helping him direct his interests in useful ways - useful to him and to humanity.
This is a school that emphasizes project oriented learning, I try to refrain from mentioning that to him, he hates projects. I think the reason though, is laziness. He wants to just get a worksheet, fill it out and call it done so he can get back to what he really wants to do. Hopefully these projects will be ones he wants to do anyway that he just doesn't call projects. He says "experiments". I am willing to help as much as he needs because he gets quite worried about doing things right. He needs to learn to collaborate on projects to be a true scientist as well as being able to make discoveries on his own. He needs to learn networking, that way when he needs something he doesn't have access to, he may know someone who does. He can return the favor and find out how all that works. Usually he prefers to do without instead of interacting but if it involves science, experiments, explosions, calculations...he might decide it's worth it.
I'm looking forward to buying him all sorts of science equipment and components to use for his projects. I looked up Edmund Scientific, a company I remember from my childhood, my dad used to take us to NJ to go to the store. It was awesome! They have an affiliate program, I plan to advertise for them if they still are as good as they were. For a while, they went the way of most educational stores and had the typical, same-old, same-old, which they never had done before. My quick look online gives me hope. More on them later...