Saturday, August 9, 2008

Encouraging ADD?

How many of us keep trying to get our little ones involved in something so they'll leave us in peace and we can do something we want to do ourselves? I do it, then wonder why the littles won't stay involved in something! Is the kid thinking, "If I get involved in this, Mommy (Daddy, Grandma, whoever) will quit paying attention to me." Not much incentive for a small child to develop interests.

But adults need time without children demanding every second too. Children need to learn to get involved in their own interests but maybe we try that too young. Of course, kids also need to learn that the world doesn't revolve around them and every momentary whim. What's the happy medium there? Maybe they just need more time than we give them, they need to be the center of lots of attention while they're tiny. But is that true? Did people do that regularly throughout the centuries and we just think we're too "busy" now? I wonder what's biologically necessary. Is there really an increase in things like this, from pollution perhaps, or is it just our lifestyles that empahsize what is natural?