Saturday, July 12, 2008

THIS is a reason?!

Well, well, boy just told me he wants to go to public school after all, maybe. (He's indecisive too, like mother, like son). Guess what his reason is?

"Teachers in school can be easily distracted - you're too hard to distract, Mom!"

He also said it's really easy to get good grades in school even without paying much attention or doing much. That part I don't quite understand; I know he's a good test-taker but there's a limit I would think. He always does extremely well on standardized tests too, you'd think he was an Einstein level genius going by those. He is quite intelligent but he gets confused like anyone else so I have my doubts concerning the usefulness and accuracy of these tests sometimes.

Anyway, the conversation with D about school really didn't help much - here I am convinced that he will get a better education elsewhere, he's busy persuading me that that's by no means the case. Good grief! Maybe it was his way of persuading me not to send him to school...