Friday, February 15, 2008

History May Work With These!

Finally, i may have found a first step to take for ds [dear (usually) son] to learn history. I was hoping for enjoyment and active interest but right now i'll settle for him picking up a few ideas and facts here and there.

At i found two things. One is a very simple set of papers to add into a notebook, lapbook, project, whatever. It has a short paragraph at the top about a particular event or period or person, then a space to draw/illustrate, then a writing section at the bottom for a bit of information in their own words. It reminds me of the primary school notebooks, it's just like that except for the paragraph at the top and the fact that they're done by topic, in a sensible order that helps me immensely! At least, i hope it will. Cheap too.

Also there's something i want to try a couple of, the publisher is called Hands Of A Child. Maybe the product is called that. Anyway, each pack has several research pages of information, then there are questions, activities, and booklets to make that get put together into a lapbook or folder project pack. I love things like this but i'm no good at them at all, totally un-crafty. But ds likes to draw and i have discovered he likes these other activities better than workbooks etc even though he was sure he wouldn't. The thing that makes this so good is that instead of us doing this my disorganized, wonder-how-this-will-work sort of way; these products give specific details on how to do it! Obviously, that's why they can charge for it! I don't know if they're worth the price or not since i haven't been able to do one yet, but they ... okay, yes they are. So far, ds and i have worked on three mini-projects on our own, all my own ideas from seeing their website. I definitely am willing to pay for the help. They're $14-$22 mostly, all ages, grades, some are mixed and adaptable for several kids. I only have one so i don't have to worry about that anymore.